Having just the kind of ringtone you want for your phone can be a sure way of adding to your already defined character. It may be a simple but sure way of having something that reflects your mood for that particular day. Ringtones are like an accessory to your phone, and you can spend as little as nothing to get them.

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There are two major types of ringtones, which are monophonic and polyphonic. A monophonic ringtone can only play a single sound at a given time; whiles cell phone ringtone where by more than just one note of a given song is played simultaneously is referred to as a polyphonic tone. A phone that has the polyphonic capability for ringtones allows for a greater choice in terms of ringtones. Phones with polyphonic ringtones fall between the monophonic ones, and those that can play Mp3 music.

One great advantage of having a phone that can play Mp3 music is that you can download as many free ringtones as you wish, such that you can program your phone to have a specific tone for a particular caller. A phone that has USB ports is simple to transfer songs to from your PC. You can also try getting the Mp3 ringtones from someone who already has them through Bluetooth.It is a safer approach, as it prevents the threat of downloading a virus.

While downloading, you have to make sure that you are getting the tones from a secure and legitimate website. Getting your tones from any site that has not been verified for offering free downloads may end up being a bigger problem than you can imagine. Make sure that you don’t get a virus from the downloads you make so as not to damage your PC. You have to also be careful if by any chance you are asked for any personal information, such as credit card number.

 You can also get Mp3 ringtones from a friend through email, where you will be able to transfer them directly from your PC to your phone after the tone has been sent to you. Before you save any file to your computer though, you must ensure that it is scanned to avoid the risk of transferring a virus to your pc. A virus can be sent even without the knowledge or intent of the sender.

You will also want to ensure that the kind of ringtone you are going for is compatible the type of phone you are using. Ringtones are categorized differently, i.e. in genres like hip-hop and rock. A ringtone will make your phone standout from the others with regular tones that were installed by the manufacture. Mp3 ringtones are easy to find on the internet, a number of freeware and also the web, where you will get a wide variety. The quality of the tones is usually good too. You need a good internet connection though, to be able to download.

Just remember to use a safe method from the many available to download your ringtones, to avoid viruses.


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